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Our training programs are designed for dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments. Call today for a free behavior evaluation to receive an action plan customized to your dog's unique needs!

All of our training programs are designed to address your dog's personal behavioral needs such as

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Our Training Programs

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Personal Lessons

One-on-one lessons with one of our certified dog trainers. Begins with a free behavior evaluation in order to assess your dog's temperament and to witness the relationship between you and your dog. Because the key to any behavioral rehabilitation program or even the simple act of teaching a new command is consistency, diligence, and routine, these lessons are scheduled in packages of 3 to 8 lessons at the same time every week. 

Personal lessons serve to lead by example, training the owner as well as the dog. Often times we are not aware of the subtle cues and behaviors that we enable in our canine companions, causing confusion or lack of purpose. Families are welcome and often encouraged to take part in these lessons to help create a solid environment to encourage learned behaviors at home. 



Puppy Manners 101

The first year of your dog's life is the most important time to instill behaviors that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Proper training and socialization will result in a well balanced, self-assured, and happy adult dog! Learn about all the do's and dont's of raising a puppy while addressing tasks such as house training, jumping, gnawing, playing "too rough" with children and strangers, and basic commands such as sit, stay, place, drop it, and heel. 

Purchasing an adorable pup as a gift for a family member? Don't forget to include training! We offer themed gift certificates for all occasions at the front desk. 



Group Classes

Available by-donation twice a  month, these fun and interactive classes are designed to continue lessons learned in our clients' private training lessons or in-kennel training programs. This is your opportunity to practice skills and commands in a group setting under the supervision of a professional trainer is the best way to reaffirm good behaviors and refresh your dog's memory! Because we are familiar with the strengths, temperaments, and challenge areas of our clients,  group class participants will benefit from customized activities and an at-home training regime consultation.

Have you purchased a new canine companion from Hillside? Call the front desk to see if you are eligible to participate! 

See our CALENDAR for upcoming class dates.


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Board & Train

No time or energy to train your problem pup? Enroll your dog in canine bootcamp! Our most effective and popular training program involves a 2 to 8 week stay at our Northern Arizona training facility. Canine pupils undergo daily training sessions, working both one-on-one and in groups with multiple trainers, to ensure that your pup fully learns proper responses to commands, and does not develop favor or selective listening towards one particular person. Dogs also benefit from socialization with other canines, which contributes to a relaxed demeanor around animals of all temperaments.

Follow-up training

All board and train programs include in-home follow up training within a week of graduating. One of our trainers will schedule an appointment visit to continue lessons in your dog’s own environment. 

Board & Brush Up

Included in the price of our program is our board and brush up service, exclusively offered to boot camp participants. Every time you board your dog with us, they will receive FREE reinforcement training of those lessons that your pup learned during their original stay. Board & Brush Up is available for the life of your dog following participation in our boot camp program!


Protection training

Protection Training

Transforming your family pooch into a protection dog may seem intimidating, but we promise, it is a worthwhile endeavor! When many think of protection dogs, they only think about training them to bite. This is not all it involves, however. In professional training, we go through great lengths to simulate real-world situations, complete with all of the distractions and mixed messages that come with it. Your professional trainer will work with you to build an unmatched bond, focus, and obedient temperament between you and your dog, through a customized program designed around your family's unique needs. You should never have to worry about their reactions to the public when you take them to a birthday party or beach vacation. With work, your dog's confidence and sense of capability will soar, and will result in an infectious relaxed demeanor. Learn more about the different types of protection dogs on our blog!


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Snake Avoidance

Arizona is home to 13 of the 36 identified species of rattlesnakes, more than any other state. In Arizona, rattlesnakes usually come out of their winter dens in March or April, when the temperatures are approaching 80 degrees and remain active until October. Although only 1% of snake bites in humans cause death, it is more common in dogs because of their smaller size, and tendency to continue body movement and high adrenaline after a bite. Because dogs don't know to avoid a rattlesnake on their own until they've learned the hard way, their reactions to an encounter are usually protective, aggressive or fearful, a sure-fire way to provoke an attack from these territorial strikers. 

We don't just teach you and your dog how to avoid a snake, we practice it! Our trainer will present 3 local snakes safely wrapped up and available to condition your dog in stages. Through a series of obstacle course-style exercises, we will train your dog to become familiar with the sight, then smell, and finally sound of a rattlesnake, while conditioning them to recognize these signs as bad news, and something to always avoid. 

Snake Avoidance Classes are held
before and during Arizona snake season 
 - between April and July - 

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