The Premiere Arizona Dog Kennel Complex

At Hillside K9 Training Academy, we are able to comfortably and safely house up to forty dogs within our custom built, intentionally designed dog kennel multiplex. We always have dog kennel staff on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure your canine companion is attended to at all times. Based on the extensive experience of our owners Shawn and Jennifer, a  tremendous amount of time and effort went into the design and construction of our dog kennel complex. This combined expertise has resulted in the premiere Arizona dog kennel complex, which we are proud to say exceeds even our own lofty expectations!

Our Indoor and Outdoor Dog Kennels are Perfect for Staying and Playing

Within the living quarters of our dog kennels, each canine has its own individual accommodations. These include a 5’x6′ foot sleeping area in a climate controlled indoor environment. Our-kennel-system-01Our dog kennel system was designed for durability, comfort and safety. This includes the installation and maintenance of smoke and fire detection equipment. Our sleeping area spaces are made from UPVC, all metal work hot galvanized steel, which enables us to keep our dog kennels looking their best, and more importantly, spotlessly sanitary and clean. Because your dog sleeps in a home-style setting, they stay cool in the summertime and warm in the wintertime. In this way, our dog kennel living quarters help them learn to adapt to typical in-home living conditions while being comfortable in their current setting at the same time.

When not in the comfort and safety of our living quarters, one of our professional trainers accompanies your dog outside and into our 10×5 foot enclosed, covered dog run. Our-kennel-system-02The dog runs are spacious, and also protect your canine companion from the elements. In addition to the secure, covered dog runs, we also have two large fenced exercise areas where we socialize all of our resident dogs several times throughout the day. In a dog kennel setting, some dogs can become a bit anxious and nervous, and we have found that the spacious, outdoor setting of our large exercise areas helps make them feel more at home in their natural habitat, while socializing with their canine friends in the process. We are very proud of our dog kennels, our expert staff, our training areas and customer facilities…not to mention the stars of our business: THE HILLSIDE K-9 DOGS!

Our Retail Shop Features All American Dog Food and Dog Supplies for Every Need

Our retail dog supplies shop features leads, leashes, and many other types of dog training equipment. This includes a nice selection of  bedding, bowls, dog toys and other dog training aids. Hillside K9 Academy is also proud to be an authorized distributor of All American Dog food. The All American Dog Food brand is hypoallergenic, and it contains no artificial additives, wheat or gluten.  During our time using this dog food with our own canine companions, we have found that it keeps the dogs in superb physical and physiological condition. In addition, the All American Dog Food brand keeps their coats healthy and shiny, while keeping upset stomachs to a minimum.  As for taste, well, even our fussiest of dogs love it!

Comfortable Indoor Dog Training Areas

Indoor-Training-Areas-02   Indoor-Training-Areas-01

Our Arizona dog kennel complex features comfortable and spacious indoor dog training areas. This includes fully equipped classroom and office facilities located at the dog kennel complex, which help us teach the theory of dog training to everyone attending our private lesson instruction courses. Additionally, this area currently serves as human social arena, and includes a section for light refreshments and snacks. Our indoor dog training complex is also perfect for clients who are viewing and contemplating potential dogs for purchase…not to mentions when we are in the process of handing your new canine companion over to you and thus, its forever home and family!

Our Spacious Outdoor K9 Training Areas


Because we are located in beautiful, scenic Camp Verde Arizona, we are situated in a rural location. This means we are also very fortunate to an expanse of open land on which to train and exercise your dogs while they are in our care. Our K9 training grounds include large open fields, and an agility course that is amazingly effective for K9 training in a low-distraction setting. Additionally, our dedicated K9 training areas are surrounded by hundreds of acres of common land that we can also utilize. This common land has many bridleways and footpaths, which makes it ideal for lead/leash exercise and day-to-day consolidation for dog walk obedience. The woodland areas can also be very useful during the early stages of specialty K9 training.  Specifically, we use these outlying areas of our K9 training complex to simulate scenarios where a would be assailant could conceal themselves, or where accident survivors or victims might be found.

Outdoor-Training-Areas-02   Outdoor-Training-Areas-01

Training Dogs for Perfect Social Interaction and Behavior

Training dogs for social interaction is an incredibly important component of any dog obedience program. After all, dogs that are only trained in one type of environment have a tendency to only behave well in those conditions. Therefore, we specialize in training dogs for social situations by taking them to local towns and villages, in order to help them get used to interacting with other animals and humans in a non-controlled environment. Or in other words, we give the dogs an opportunity to experience the noise and hubbub of the streets!

Different locations feature unique noises, hazards, people and smells, These chaotic sensory environments helps a dog learn to obey its handler or owner’s commands irrespective of the location. To help facilitate this type of training, we have unfettered access to various social and environmental facilities perfect for training dogs in a plethora of situations. Some of these areas include industrial premises, offices and residential properties, which enables us to provide realistic conditions with typical daily distractions.

We take the dogs to our local towns: Camp Verde and Cottonwood

Hillside K9 Academy Dog Kennels is easily accessible from AZ Hwy 260, and is located less than 2 minutes East from I-17 Exit 287

We appreciate inquiries from all of our current and prospective clients, both two and four legged, which is why we operate an “open-door” policy at our dog kennels facility. Please either contact us here, or give us a call and then feel free to come on over! Our dog kennels and dog training complex are located at:

874 N Industrial Dr. Camp Verde AZ 86322

Phone: 623-377-0820 or 623-329-0696 or 928-275-2628