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Dutch Shepherds are a medium sized dog (about 2 feet tall weighing about 60 pounds).  They are highly intelligent and loyal with strong protective instincts.  They are great family dogs; playful, affectionate, and full of bounce.  Dutch Shepherds are embodied with the best blend of traits from the high energy/intensity of a Malinois and the solid performance of the German Shepherd.  Like a Mal with an “off switch”.

Dutch Shepherd Bella

Dutchy Bella

Litter was born on July 3rd, thank you to all who showed interest and used our pre-birth pre-buy promotion.  As a result of which I have only 3 male pups left from this litter and zero females.

Below are multiple photographs of THREE MALE PUPS.  We have not done testing for drive etc. as yet, that is next weekend!

Pups are available to go home on August 27th!

Ruger Bloodlines 1 Ruger Bloodlines

Parental Pedigree for Bella

Here are the puppy photos!       AND, Click Here for a link to a short video on YouTube:

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