Dutch Pup Red Ready for home
Dutch Shepherd Ruger puppy daddy


Dutch Pup Red Ready for home

Dutch Pup Red

Dutch Shepherds are a medium sized dog (about 2 feet tall weighing about 60 pounds).  They are highly intelligent and loyal with strong protective instincts.  They are great family dogs; playful, affectionate, and full of bounce.  Dutch Shepherds are embodied with the best blend of traits from the high energy/intensity of a Malinois and the solid performance of the German Shepherd.  Like a Mal with an “off switch”.

Dutch Shepherd Bella

Dutchy Bella

Litter was born on July 3rd, thank you to all who showed interest and used our pre-birth pre-buy promotion.

The only pup left for sale is “Red”; he is a high drive, confident pup.

Red October Video: Click here.

 Video here:  RED PUP 8 Weeks

Ruger Bloodlines 1 Ruger Bloodlines

Parental Pedigree for Bella

Here are Red’s photos!

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