Like a Malinois with an “off switch”

Dutch Shepherds are a medium sized dog (about 2 feet tall weighing about 60 pounds).  They are highly intelligent and loyal with strong protective instincts.  They make fantastic family dogs; playful, affectionate, and full of bounce. Dutch Shepherds are the embodiment of the best blend between the high energy and intensity of a Malinois and the solid temperament and performance of the German Shepherd.

Rossi would be suitable for a home with no other pets.  We would like her to go to an active home, with a little turf to call her own!

Rossi was our breeding female who we are retiring, and looking for her forever home. 

Birthdate:  November 12th, 2013

Gender:  Female

Price:  Contact us for Adoption Fees



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  1. Chris Solberg

    I’m interested in finding out more about Rossi… thank you

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