Maverick & Alani

Prized Belgian Malinois Pair

Within the bloodlines of these two
impressive AKC registered Malinois
is an extensive list of accolades including:

3 awards – Schutzhund III,
6 awards – Internationale Prüfungs-Ordnung 3
8 awards – French Ring 3
3 awards – Mondio Ring 3
4 awards – French Ring 2
9 awards – French Ring 1
Multiple world champion competitor appearances
2nd Place in a Narcotic Dog Competition.

Maverick’s AKC# DN39287303

Alani’s AKC# DN33373108

Maverick Pedigree Certificate

Alani Pedigree Certificate

There is one remaining puppy available from Alani and Maverick’s November 2017 litter!


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