Dutch Shepherd Rossi Working Dog

Dutch Shepherds are a medium sized dog (about 2 feet tall weighing about 60 pounds).  They are highly intelligent and loyal with strong protective instincts.  They are great family dogs; playful, affectionate, and full of bounce.  Dutch Shepherds are embodied with the best blend of traits from the high energy/intensity of a Malinois and the solid performance of the German Shepherd.  Like a Mal with an “off switch”.

Rossi would be suitable for a home with no other pets.  We would like her to go to an active home, with a little turf to call her own! She was one of our breeding stock that we are retiring.  Rossi was born November 12, 2013, so she will be four later this year.

Offers in the vicinity of $1500

Dutch Shepherd Rossi Working Dog

Dutch Shepherd Rossi

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