Arizona Dog Training Academy

At Hillside K9’s dog training academy, we transform dogs of all types into reliable, loyal and highly trained partners. Think about this: We educate our children in school for 12 years or more, allowing them to blossom, work out their foibles, and learn how to adapt to the challenges of the world around them. We place them in the hands of professional educators, and expect them to follow a rigorous curriculum that forces them to perform at their highest level for maximum benefit both now and in the future.

As with our children and their teachers, trusting a highly accredited dog training academy, staffed with experienced dog training programs instructors, is essential for getting the most out of your canine companion. Whether you buy a high caliber family protection dog or working dog from us, or bring us a dog you bought or adopted elsewhere, we can train it to live up its full potential where everyone is concerned.

Hillside K9 Academy Professional Dog Training Programs

dog training schoolHillside K9 Academy’s professional dog training programs are specialized to meet the needs of our diverse clientele, as well as the developmental level of their canine companions. Our dog training academy is located in the scenic foothills of Camp Verde, Arizona, and it features expansive grounds, as well as modern indoor and outdoor facilities. This allows us to train your dog in many possible scenarios and environments. Our Arizona dog training academy offers two types of professional dog training programs:

  1. Private Family Canine Training ProgramsThese programs train dogs for private citizens and include puppy manners, dog obedience, agility and family protection dogs classes.
  2. Speciality Working Dog Canine Training ProgramsThese programs train work dogs that will occupy positions as military and police k9’s, detection dogs, search and rescue dogs, therapy and service dogs, as well as cadaver dogs.

Our certified dog trainers have extensive experience providing safe, effective and proven professional dog training programs for dogs of all backgrounds and ages.

Canine Training and Dog Boarding Services

k9-obedience-trainingWe realize not everyone has the skills or time to take care of their canine companion’s professional dog training needs. If this was the case, then all of the dogs we encounter would be the best trained, most obedient pups we have ever met! This is why Hillside K9 Academy specializes in professional canine training and boarding (also known as “Turn-Key Dogs”); If you do not have the time to dedicate to professional canine training yourself, we do the work for you, and you reap the benefits of having a highly trained dog as a result of our expertise.

  • Our professional canine training and boarding services include housing your dog in our state-of-the-art dog kennel complex for the duration of his or her program. By combining boarding with professional canine training, we are able to maximize the effectiveness of our dog training programs, and in many cases accelerate progress due to increase focus resulting from total immersion.
  • For our clients who buy a dog or puppy from us, we can continue to board them while they are undertaking a specialized canine training program. This way, by the time you take your companion home or to his or her final professional destination, he or she is fully trained and ready to become a full-time family member.

If you have any personal or professional long term goals for your dog’s behavior, our Arizona dog training school, and professional dog training programs, are the perfect answer to  your needs. They are also more affordable and flexible than you might think. Please contact us today to discuss your professional dog training program needs, or with any other questions you might have.