High Caliber Trained Dogs For Sale in Arizona

At Hillside K9 Academy, we take great pride in our canine breeds. We are equally proud to offer the highest caliber and finest trained dogs and puppies in Arizona. As part of our thorough vetting process, we invest a great deal of time and effort in matching our family and working dogs with their perfect people, to create the best accompaniment for your life, your family, and your profession. Our individualized profiles reflect your needs, unique environment, the age of immediate family members, and the expectations for your dog’s performance. Our dogs are sought after by people and families all across the United States who value the finest working breeds for both personal and professional enrichment.

The Top Three

Within the wide variety of high caliber working breeds for sale at Hillside K9 Academy,
our most popular canines are, by far, the Dutch Shepherd, German Shepherd, and Belgian Malinois.
Learn about what makes these breeds stand out as exceptional choices for a wide range of lifestyles.

Belgian Malinois – A medium to large size dog of Dutch origin. The term “Malinois” comes from the French name for the breed’s place of origin. This excellent working dog is regularly used by law enforcement to sniff out explosives, drugs, and search for missing or escaped people. Belgian Malinois are so reliable, the United States Secret Service exclusively employs them to guard the grounds of the White House. Their loyalty, protective instincts, high trainability, and intelligence, make them great family protectors, as well. It is recommended that these dogs go to more experienced handlers and active families, as they thrive in environments that keep them occupied with regular mental and physical stimulation.

German Shepherd – A medium to large size working dog, this breed originated in Germany, and has a variety of blood lines with specific temperaments for every environment. They were originally considered to be herding dogs, however, their obedience, strength, intelligence and trainability make them excellent working dogs for any situation. Their incredible loyalty and even-temper also make them great pets for both home-protection and personal companionship. In addition to the most commonly known American line of German Shepherd, we offer the slightly smaller Czech Shepherd whose adaptability and warm disposition make the perfect addition for families with children, cats, and other dogs.

Dutch Shepherd – Dutch Shepherds are medium to large size herding dogs of Dutch origin. They are a versatile working dog that is able to adapt to various climates and lifestyle conditions. Dutch Shepherd puppies are very loyal and reliable, which pairs up perfectly with their attentive watchfulness, making them an easily trained home protection dogs. They are also independent, intelligent, and impressively intuitive to their owner’s needs. Dutch Shepherd puppies are capable of incredible obedience with proper dog training. They also have a low rate of genetic defects.

Family and Working Dog Training Programs

At Hillside K9 Academy, we can not only provide you with your canine companion, but can also thoroughly train her or him for you through our short and long term dog training programs.  We can ensure that when the time comes to take them home, he or she will be ready to reliably join your family, based on your unique needs. From basic obedience and manners training, to home protection and more, we take the uncertainty out of integrating a new addition to your life. We also specialize in professional working dog training for protection, drug and explosive detection, search and rescue, human tracking, and cadaver dogs, for public service and law enforcement.

Available Dogs at Hillside

Feel free to contact us for help with matching you to your perfect canine companion!