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Arizona Dog Training Schools

Having a well trained, obedient and loyal dog is essential for making sure your family, friends, and of course your canine companion, remain safe, secure and happy at all times. Hillside K9 Academy is proud to be the proprietors of Arizona’s premiere dog training schools, offering dog obedience training classes in Arizona. Our dog training schools teach fundamentally sound reward and praise tactics for puppies and dogs of all ages and breeds.

Dog Behavior Training Courses

We strongly encourage all owners to participate in dog behavior training courses, as they not only teach your canine companion beneficial skills, but also help facilitate enhanced bonding between pet and person. If you are the owner of a rescue or shelter animal, we even offer 10% off dog behavior training classes with proper documentation. Let’s take a look at the dog behavior training classes our dog training schools offer, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any specific questions you might have about any of these programs.

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Puppy Dog Training Program

Puppy for Sale, Dutch ShepherdDog behavior training stands the best chance of success if you allow your canine companion to begin at a young age. Just like humans, dogs who learn from a young age are more likely to permanently form positive behaviors than dogs that are allowed to misbehave during their formative years and then are prompted to reform later on. Our puppy dog training course, also known as “Puppy Manners Training” is divided into two separate programs:

  • Puppy Manners I Class—This is our introductory puppy dog training class, and is meant for puppies that are around 10 weeks old. This puppy dog training program teaches puppy manners that are based on instilling a positive, loving and trusting frame of mind into your puppy. This includes random praise and random treats, and gently beginning to institute potty and crate training techniques, social greetings, clicker training, and loose on-leash training.
  • Puppy Manners II Class—This puppy dog training class is meant for puppies that are at least 5 months old, and that are clicker trained, or have already completed our introductory puppy manners class. This puppy dog training program teaches puppy manners including gaining good on-leash command, the beginning of off-leash training, nipping and inappropriate chewing correction, and the beginning of prompt and reliable recall commands.

Dog Obedience Training Classes

dog obedience trainingOur dog obedience training classes are perfect for canines who have completed our puppy dog training program, or who are more than six months of age and require basic dog obedience skills. Our dog obedience training classes are divided up into three levels:

  • Beginner Dog Obedience Training Classes—This class teaches basic dog obedience skills including healing on a loose leash, sitting, laying down, staying, learning to come on recall, and positive manners like refraining from nipping, biting or inappropriate chewing.
  • Intermediate Dog Obedience Training Classes—This class requires the successful completion of the beginner course. It is perfect for dogs looking to pass the CGC test, or who have already done so. This dog obedience training class teaches how to behave and perform with increasing distractions, and in situations involving random dogs and people, as well as functional tasks like retrieving when appropriate.
  • Advanced Dog Obedience Training Classes—This class requires the successful completion of the intermediate course. It is structured to improve the responsiveness of off-leash commands, practical retrieving, basic flatwork for agility, and even basic scent work. The advanced dog obedience training class also teaches entertainment and trick work, which makes it perfect for owners who wish to compete with their dogs.
  • Agility Dog Obedience Training Classes—Our agility classes focus on cultivating and refining skills such as climbing, jumping, high-rise walking, as well as other advanced maneuvers. This course is perfect for owners who wish to have reliable outdoor dogs, as well as finely tuned competition animals.

Family Protection Dogs Training Classes

protection dog trainingFamily protections dogs training classes are ideal for any private citizen who values the safety and security of their loved ones and friends. Our dogs and puppies for sale in Arizona are perfect candidates for family protection dogs training, however we do accept puppies and dogs into this program that were not provided by Hillside K9 Academy. Please note that all family protection dogs training classes require an evaluation to determine enrollment eligibility.

  • Puppy Family Protection Dog Training Class—This program is perfect for puppies between four and six months of age, and is meant to develop prey drive and confidence building, as well as grip work and authoritative barking through rag-tug exercises.
  • Basic/Intermediate Family Protection Dog Training Class—This program develops natural drives and instincts while providing bite development. This includes reintroducing prey drive to help your dog learn to correctly discern any situation where you are facing a threat. This also includes bite development training in terms of strength, fullness, as well as speed and agility.
  • Advanced Family Protection Dog Training Class—This program takes the skills learned in the basic/intermediate class and introduces functionality. Basically, this program takes biting skills and teaches a dog how to use those skills in a real life threat situation where you or your loved one are concerned both instinctually, as well as on command.
  • Custom/Private Family Protection Dog Training Class—These are private, one-hour sessions including a trainer and decoy. Each session is highly individualized and can take place at our facility or privately in your home. These classes are perfect for high profile individuals or anyone wishing to remain publicly anonymous.

If you have any questions, or want more specific information about our dog training schools and dog obedience training programs, please contact us today for an individualized, private consultation.