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Hillside K9 Academy was founded by professional dog trainer Shawn Tucker and his wife Jennifer. Shawn has had a passion for training working dogs since he was a young child. It began by accompanying his mother to obedience classes for Misty, his family’s German Shepherd. After that and for as long as he can remember, Shawn has always had friends and family asking him to take part in training their dogs.

At the age of sixteen, Shawn started to really follow his calling by ensconcing himself in dog training books from reputable canine trainers. He also began shadowing certified dog trainers, in order to absorb all of the information he could about what makes a professional dog trainer outstanding. In those years, there were only three Arizona dog training schools in existence; of which the only one still in business is owned by a canine trainer that just happens to be Shawn’s mentor. Shawn became a certified dog trainer about a year after beginning his apprenticeship for his mentor. Eventually, Shawn became a professional canine trainer for all three academies. He provided in-home training for two of them, and performed countless hours of decoy work for his mentor at the other.

In the late 80’s a well-known professional dog trainer and his wife moved to Phoenix, Arizona from Boston, Massachusetts. He thought very highly of Shawn, and asked him to come and work at their kennel.  This provided Shawn with an enhanced outlook on how certified dog trainers run a successful business. Together, they trained all breeds and types of dogs including show dogs, working dogs and companion animals. Their motto was “to exceed the customer’s expectation of the training that was given to their dog.”

Certified Dog Trainers and Business Professionals Make Hillside K9 Academy Top Dog

In 2002, Shawn met his wife Jennifer.  She has a passion for exceeding customer expectations and wanting to ensure their clients receive excellent customer service. In addition to all she has learned about professional dog training, and all the ways she assists Shawn at their Hillside dog training school, Jennifer has a background in customer service and business management, with many years specializing in business organization. Together, Shawn and Jennifer have created a dog training school that combines the best of certified dog trainers and business acumen. This is why Hillside K9 Academy became Arizona’s premiere dog training school, and has earned an outstanding reputation for providing their customers with good old-fashioned customer service.

Combining tried and true old-school dog trainer values with new technology and current canine training techniques allows Hillside dog training school to provide you with the service and attention-to-detail you deserve, at a reasonable cost when compared to other certified dog trainers of less experience and dedication. Together, they provide ”The perfect dog training experience one customer, and one dog, at a time.”

With their combined expertise and experience as certified dog trainers and business professionals, Shawn and Jennifer guarantee your complete satisfaction each and every time. They thank you for your interest in Hillside K9 Academy, and welcome you to contact them with any questions you might have.

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